Hello and welcome to Outcasty.

Most of the people here are formerly part of other Phish forums, but that isn’t the primary reason we made it. Candidly, we missed the fun that can be generated by quick wit, long running jokes and the general nonsense that’s spewed by unfiltered and probably intoxicated shitheads. Unfortunately, some forums have done their best to cater to the people that take life too seriously and probably read self-help books. Either that, or it's devolved into a bunch of grown men in a perpetual "who can be the edgiest" competition. Fortunately, we don’t care that much about anything, besides ourselves, of course.

Our goal is to avoid being a tightly moderated echo chamber with cult-like hypocrisy that is emboldened by unbridled censorship of anyone that disagrees with the masses and/or moderators. In fact, we believe in the positive aspects of discord. Everyone has differing opinions, but two sides can never come to an understanding without being able to voice them. Sometimes fighting it out with an online stranger is healthy. Hell, maybe you will learn something new, or maybe Hogchoker will just mock you...who's to say? We are all adults here, besides Brains, so 99.9% of the time, the forum should be able to moderate itself. Just like the good old days!

We want you to know that everyone is welcome here...but not all belong. If you are deeply offended by the sight of a vagankle, then you probably don’t belong here. If you can’t take a teenager incessantly promoting Grimes, well, then you're probably normal, but you might not belong here.

This should be a place that makes you laugh, learn, and likely disagree with people when you should be working or paying attention to your kids. If at any point you are taking internet comments from strangers too seriously, then you should probably take a timeout. If that’s not possible, then you should get used to being chirped relentlessly. The choice is yours.


With that being said, here are the rules:

  1. Racist shit, threatening violence and kiddie porn will not be tolerated. If that shit is your jam, then we hope you get help...or die a very slow and painful death.

  2. For legal reasons, posts that infringe on the intellectual property rights of others are prohibited (e.g. posting download links for Phish SBDs or Hogchoker's sex tape.)

  3. We all do stupid shit occasionally and sometimes just need a hug. If you said something hurtful, just apologize. If you think someone needs help, reach out and help them, even if you're in disagreement.

  4. If you feel you something has gone too far, please direct all concerns to outcastyforum@gmail.com.

  5. All NSFW content posted in any category except #nsfw must be censored using the censor tool available in the text composer.

  6. Your mom is a whore.

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-- Written by @The_Shou, local drunk.
-- Edited by @brains481 to get rid of all the parts about Columbine.