Who do you think, needs to hit the mat

So it was when I asked for my donation back after taking one too many personal attacks from brains? Why didn't you just say so? Granted, that wasn't my finest hour and I do regret asking for the donation back since giving it was completely my choice. I never expected to get it back. I was just "breaking balls" as you put it, and apparently, according to you, I'm the only one who's not allowed to do that here.

What do you call all the 3 or 4 alt-righters on this site always barge into threads together to spout retarded shit like some mentally challenged version of the Avengers?

Who are these 3 or 4 alt-righters? We need a list.

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I think the guy who had a tantrum over a donation was one, guess his mom put her foot down and made him start paying rent... there’s another who looks like the product of Gibby Haynes getting fucked by someone from the Big Book of British Smiles. Can’t remember the others tbh :man_shrugging:t2:

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Oh goody, my stalker Baller aka Cactus is back, spaceman you weren't breaking balls, son

Brains, if you're gonna call me alt-right, I'd like to know what your definition of alt-right is, just so we can be on the same page.

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That's it?

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... and ready to take on anyone


So is a shitter a post office ?

spaceman are u a Trumper? Is that why u are butt hurt?

Hey, you're the one who started this hate thread, not me. Did you expect no consequences, you fat loser?

Oh it's flowing, brains, and I know nothing makes a sociopath more giddy, so enjoy it.

Yes, you’re the calm one here

I’m gonna make Outcasty a paid site for spaceman only and tell him his money’sgoing to Antifa. Now that ez’s gone, he’d be the only person stupid enough to believe it.

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What happened to EZ?

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Post > Late-Stage.

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