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thanks for notifying us that the site was going down.

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the site actually crashed pretty much lol. it was like opening a car's hood to see how the insides are and then the thing fucking explodes lol

...and then you have to put it back together.


yeah, it was a weird one, i was on when things went from normal to like a 12 hr shift back in time where recent posts were no loner their and everything said 12h in the top right corner.

getting it up and running again has been the most intensive technical work I've ever done, probably more stressful than actually starting the site with next to no coding experience.

this was the live feed of me when I saw the page actually load for the first time in like two weeks.


Wtf? I thought you just decided to say fuck it and shut everything down. Glad that’s not the case. :sunglasses:

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Figured I got my ip banned ..

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And now I have to go to work.....

Talk you derelict s tonight

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That hiatus stuck a massive fork in my Devotee badge progress though...

I watched a lot of bowling as a kid. My mom and grandma hated that guy, they were earl anthony fans.

I thought Weber was a lot of fun. Like Agassi in tennis. Anybody that annoyed my family was usually pretty entertaining.

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