upcoming outcasty stuff

  • Sometime in the coming months, we'll be getting rid of our Patreon to make way for an on-site equivalent. This means we'll be able to give people on-site benefits and features instead of just sending them stickers in the post. The ETA for this is kinda up in the air, though I doubt it'll be more than a few weeks. This is also what's keeping some of our features like GIF Search and the spoiler tool AWOL for now, so they should be back fairly soon as well.

  • A proper chatroom will be integrated within a few months hopefully. There was a decent chatroom plugin that was briefly tested, but it was also unstable and is now incompatible with our forum software as it hasn't been updated in quite a while. This was widely used by other forums using this software, so the actual devs behind the forum software are developing their onw and the fruits of their labour will apparently be up and running within a few months.

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I will reply because I see this site is nearing net zero users.

  1. Make the site public to view, you can't gain users if they can't see the content before making an account.
  2. Create a user account to post as a user. Using an admin or mod account and shitting on people is anti productive and turns off users.
  3. Stop adding features that crash the site, we don't need a chat room when there are 3 active posters, just exchange phone numbers and text each other.

I'm not being a dick, just my honest opinion.
The site structure blows away every other forum I have ever used, gif, imgs, youtube all embed like no other. No need to host an image on a Web site is the best function I have ever experienced.

There is no reason you can't get this back on course at a top tier site if you set standards on treating others with respect and understanding how bad it looks when the admin and mod roles say or act with disrespect instead of setting the tone in a productive roll.


And for my part, I'll start posting more often.


I agree with @Joonze

I think if the site was made public it might attract more users.

It has been for a while, even before the outage. Here’s the site on an incognito tab.

if anything has brought down our numbers as of late, it's the crazy downtime we just had, the influx of people kicked off .net (as they started including a link to our site in their ban and timeout emails) and idiots like shou, spaceman etc. who are literally just here now to start shit. Our best DAU/MAU numbers ever were when they were gone, and they dipped back down when they returned. One person making fun of some right wingers doesn't screw shit up, but an influx of numerous right wing idiots spamming the site with racist shit absolutely does.

brains is a delusional narcissist. He will never take responsibility for anything. He would rather destroy his own site than admit to being wrong. It’s always someone else’s fault. Poor baby.

y'know, when you accuse this many people of being narcissists, psychopaths etc. it's pretty obvious you're the problem.

fwiw I'll totally cop to fanning the flames quite a bit, but it feels a bit weird to not at least ponder the arsonist's role lol. I was advised a good while ago to just ban people who are only here to troll, start shit etc. and I think I'll lobby for that in the future.

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I’m actually flattered you give me credit for taking a whole forum down. POWERFUL.

also I totally played my part as well. that said, I've made efforts to move away from that nonsense, including but not limited to assigning pretty much all mod responsibilities to someone else, and it paid off well, but then reversed almost entirely when you and shou came back.

Like I said, I'll be lobbying to have people who stir shit and nothing else just outright banned if you don't change, because you don't do anything except drive people away.


FTR I'm on board with this 100%.


I don't think brains will ban himself... so there is that.

it would be kinda unwise to ban the guy who does thousands of $ worth of programming and upkeep work per month for free tbf.

ok, for one, adding features aren't what crashed the site. what has is trying to fix deeprooted issues in the backend that are making us adding back our old features like gif search, spoiler tool et. al.. these issues are, by nature, incredibly in-depth and complicated, and if we ignore them, will likely create more problems as the software updates, so they need to be fixed, and I don't really mind if it results in a bit of downtime (which even huge sites with way more resources have) every now and again.

also a chatroom is one of the most requested features here, and it's set to be included in the forum itself according to the devs, it's not an external feature, so it won't break anything.

If you think banning me will save the site, go for it.

Brains’ definition of a troll- anyone who expresses a different opinion than him.


I have barely posted anything here for months but somehow it’s all my fault?


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lads, were ye never taught how to read or what?

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Do you think falsely accusing us of being neo-nazi racists is helping anything?