The thread for political (in)correctness

you say that like it’s not true to at least an extent.


Exactly. It’s been systematic from the start. Housing, funding for education and the war on drugs alone put people in situations white privilege could never imagine. And it goes way, way deeper than that.


not to mention having an entire industry that thrives on having as many people locked up doesn’t distort those numbers at all, god no. and of course, a black kid getting locked up is a lot less controversial and draws a lot less attention; they’re just another number. but if a white kid gets that same treatment, uproar and 24/7 news coverage.


Is calling dude from Ireland a “mick” offensive?


Not a coincidence the move to private prisons and mandatory minimum coincided with each other.

go for it. just don’t say “”"“patty’s day”""" that shit is awful and I only learned about it a few months ago.

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Oh and lest I forget; census records indicate there were 3,699 BLACK slaveowners in the south in 1830 (Were African American Slaveholders Benevolent, Lightner and Ragan, 2005).

I only just recently became aware of this; why? Well, might be because its not taught in school…

Just more nugget for your thoughts…

compared to 223,898 white slave owners.

Also, you’re citing an article from The Journal of Southern History, which is edited at and supported by Rice University. so, not just taught at school, but from a journal literally made by a school.

I was never taught that in the 1940’s we stripped the Japanese American of their bill of rights and placed them in camps. Learned that after school.

Oh and google the Tulsa riots and what year that was. Somehow gets left out of the text books.

Is your point the black are ones ultimately responsible for slavery or we shouldn’t care because some black people thrived?

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also, why are you bringing this up? what point is this even proving except you have some weird obsession with race-based statistics?

Yeah, sorry if I rely primarily on peer reviewed, academic work.


“Peer reviewed” is the whitest phrase in history.

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My point is that its very rarely brought up because it contradicts the “woes me/its all the White Mans” fault narrative.


That narrative is 100% correct. I guess that’s where we differ. 100% white man’s fault. 100%. Just like Trump let this virus spread with inaction, we set wheels in motion with slavery. Racism still exists. The effect of those wheels still show themselves. Just look at the wealth distribution. It’s not an accident.

No. The Irish aren’t even real.


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