Tabletop RPG's

Anyone have any experience with these? Been listening to the Chapo Trap House lads playing Call of Cthulhu over the past few weeks and it sounds super fun. There's this site called Roll20 where you can play them virtually.

Hey dude,
I play
dungeons and dragons
On a weekly basis with some netter's

If you want in with us so etime let me know.

Even if you just want to watch that's cool. Might be a little boring to watch though.

You told me it was $10 to sit in the corner and watch...

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honestly down, wanna see if it's for me. more interested in call of cthulhu than d&d, but they're fairly similar afaik


I also told you to keep that to yourself

We play 730 to 930 est Sunday nights.

Would that work for you?

sounds good :+1:

When you start giving it away for free all bets are off, pal.

@brains481 ,

Want to join us tonight?

sure thing, pm me the deets

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Very cool dude

We're currently doing the Dragon of Icespire Peak quest, great shit so far. Just killed a shapeshifter disguised as a barrel to assuage a paranoid dwarf king.

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Glad you are enjoying it man