From 3 choices...
would you pick:

  1. Pee in my butt.
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@joonze really wants the nuclear codes. This makes me question him.

I say, keep it how it is.

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its just didgets....numbers and wiggles

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I'm kind of confused.
Why can't @Joonze just do things?
He's always been dude to me

It seems to me he could.
The forum is all set up,
We have a few members.

@Joonze , What drastic changes are you going to implement that you need "official" clearance for?
Just do it.


Cooking a feast? @Joonze all the way.

I think @Listening_Wind is a good mod. He never really had to moderate much.

I also don’t mind @Joonze ’taking the keys’ but I don’t know what that means? I don’t read the long back and forth threads.

Basically anything where the only active threads are not awkward meta slap fights gets a thumbs-up from me. If someone wants my thumb up their butt … ok.

But use my bidet first. Which also works for @LoboJoe’s request.