Post (and talk shit on) Festival Lineups Here

I'll start with the most shooting-fish-in-a-barrel-y of them all:


I've heard of almost none of these acts except the headliners, and there's only one I would pay to see (King Gizz ftw, baby). Danny Elfman might be interesting, and I do like RTJ but seeing them open for Rage in April.

How the mighty have fallen. This gets an F from me. (Gizz saves it from getting an F-)

There's a pretty even split between shit I despise (Harry Styles, Daniel Caeser, Flume) shit I don't know (Daphni, Damian Lazarus) much about and ones I'd like or even love to see on here, albeit with some minor reservations (black midi, Gizz, Billie Eilish, Kanye, Run The Jewels, Denzel Curry, Danny Elfman)

should add last time swedish house mafia played in Ireland, nine people got stabbed at the gig. Not kidding.

Screenshot 2022-01-13 233416

So it's not just a catchy name?

Surprisingly, I can actually kinda get behind Bonnaroo this year.


There's actually enough to keep me interested for a full day, maybe two:

In order that they appear on the poster:

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
The War on Drugs
King Gizz
Goose (Yeah, I know. If I was at a festy & there was nothing else I wanted to see I'd see them, ok? Sue me.)
Billy Strings
Femi Kuti
Stevie Nicks
Herbie Hancock
All Them Witches

Solid B+ for me. Couldn't be more shocked.

Fun fact: A Stevie Nicks show now doesn't even have singing, it's just her waving a shawl around for 90 minutes.


She definitely wouldn't be a headliner on my list but I'm always down to see a hall of famer one time at least.

I would pay to see a Lindsey vs. Stevie intergender MMA bout for sure.

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If I was making my list into daily fest lineups:

Day 1:
King Gizz
Femi Kuti
War on Drugs

Day 2:
Herbie Hancock
Stevie Nicks
Billy Strings

Yeah, that's a solid 2 day festy for me.

Boston Calling:

At first glance this seems like something that someone like me should be into, but I know basically no one on the undercard, and at least half the bands I like are repeats from above. Here's my list:

Foo Fighters
Cheap Trick
The Strokes (I think...are they the ones where the singer is also in Broken Bells?)
King Gizz (apparently they're on a mission to play every festy in the US this year, lol. Fine by me, I'll see them as often as possible.)
Modest Mouse
Goose (talk about one of these kids just doesn't belong, lol. Again, this is provided no one else I want to see is playing at the same time.)

Eh, upon writing that out there's enough to keep me interested for a day, but not much that I'm super excited about.


Bonnaroo looks worse than Coachella to me. Who tf is Roddy Rich?

I think it’s cool that you can see Herbie Hancock and Puscifer at the same event lol


Richie's brother?

Day 1:

Black MIDI
King Gizzard
Death Grips
Scritti Politti

Day 2:

Paul McCartney
The 1975
Steely Dan
Father John Misty
Randy Newman
Van Dyke Parks

Day 3:

My Bloody Valentine
Yellow Magic Orchestra
Naked City
Todd Rundgren
Sufjan Stevens

Is this like, if you could do a fest with anyone you want or something?

Yeah it was a variation on yours lol. Just added an extra day

I was just using bands from the fliers... pretty dope lineup though.

The late-90's called and would like their poster design back. A poster like this needs to have bands like Ekoostik Hookah and Jiggle the Handle on it. Nothing against the lineup, seems like a fun festival. Yussef Daves hidden on the 2nd from the bottom row ... drool.


and this one is actually half-loaded with bands that were big back before I had children, and my boy is heading to college in Chicago this fall. So the retro design is a bit more appropriate.


I've never heard of a single band on this poster, and the third tier names appear to be AI-generated. That's not a diss . . . just amazing that there are that many bands playing a festival and I haven't heard of any of them. Possibly related: I'm old and out of touch.



I could actually get behind this one. Got enough acts to make a day of it each day. Too bad it's in a backwoods hick hell state though, lol.

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