Phish in Vegas 2021

Haven't been listening because I'm still salty about not being there lol.

will be tuning in on Halloween though. how has the run been so far?

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I have only heard one night so far but they are definitely killing it

Yeah, I thought you had tickets. What gives?

International travel restrictions don’t lift in the US until tomorrow. Sold my tix to @lbag420


Who In turn hooked up my good buddy Chris.

Rock and roll @brains481 !

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Just saw they played Harpua last night...


Joe Biden is officially the arch nemesis of Outcasty; you are all obligated to yell at him if you see him.


Even worse -- they played Shaggy Dog.

Tonight's Phishbill is... a comic?

Looks like another Wingsuit/Kasvot Vaxt-esque deal of all new tunes.


Why did I come here before the 2nd set?

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Yeah, it was ok

Surprised brains has a rip of the book already

1st set was fun.
2nd was ok. Better the kv but that's about it
3rd set was ok.

have seen very mixed opinions about last night's costume. tbh it didn't seem all that exciting to me so I ended up falling asleep before the show even started lol

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There are Taylor Swift fangirls more accepting of criticism than Phish fluffers jfc. The amount of hoops these freaks jump through to defend their favorite millionaires instead of just saying "that's your opinion and it's perfectly fine :slight_smile:" never fails to astound me

Also, people who sign forum posts with their names at the end deserve to be shot in the dick. Dan.

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IDK, "that was the worst thing they've ever done and I'm embarrassed for you if you liked it" isn't exactly a nuanced, well-thought-out criticism though.

yeah, a tiny minority of critics are pretty dumb and/or over the top, but the fact that you can't even mildly criticize anything the band does without having these freaks trying to out-fanboy each other in their rabid defenses every single time they encounter even the most anodyne criticisms is just so tiresome.

I swear to god, if you don't think every note Trey plays is transcendental bliss, you're a fake fan at this point, even if you've paid $$$ for tickets, merch etc.

I think this sums it up pretty well.



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Not saying the sentiment is right or wrong, but that guy is the biggest fucking hypocrite on earth for saying it. Glad he was able to get Joe Biden's cock out of his mouth long enough to offer an opinion though.

I actually made a post agreeing, but I think you might have meant HarrisonHood (?) Either that or there's two Biden sycophants with Hood usernames, yikes.

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