Outcasty Updates //// Late 2021/Early 2022

This is just a general post about plans for the site over the next 6 or so months.

  • I'm hiring someone to fix some of our backend issues that have stopped us from adding back our plugins. (spoiler, gifs etc) this is being funded through our patreon. at our current rate, we should have enough money saved up to get them hired by mid-next year, but if we had just two more patrons at out lowest tier, we can get it done by March. I might chip in a bit of cash myself to get it done even earlier if possible.

  • Chat! Our forum software is adding a chat option soon, and they've been nice enough to invite me to test it. As such, I can't share screencaps so far, but it's fucking great, even if they have one or two kinks to work out until it's added to the software.

  • Patreon/subscriptions. We'll be switching to a different service next year that is much, much better. No fees, except for Stripe's (the payment platform we'll be using) and it can be integrated into the site, so you can link subscribers with respective on-site rewards, badges etc. This will be added at the same time as the backend issues being fixed.

That's it really. When it comes to you guys, all I can ask is that you get the site out there. There's been a few people who have openly pondered what "audience" or whatever the site should cater to. That's entirely up to you. I'm done with all that crap, I mostly just post the worst memes ever created and deal with the backend. I'm not a mod anymore, so this place is up to you guys to shape it how you see fit.

Ask not what your forum can do for you, ask what you can do for your forum.


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Oh, it's dead.

We're just fucking the corpse.

ur mom


Very cool dude