Outcasty recruitment II


if you want the board to be quicker, more active and varied, shoot a few invites to people who you think would make a good fit and who trust your word.


My crew is gone. I'm a no - mad now, true story

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anyone know if nicur2hi would be open to joining?

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I'm going to ignore the shit out of Mark, but go ahead.


Lol that dude was part of the problem. And he and Monk had a big falling out and I take @Skytrainwand 's side.


They had beef? Synopsis?

I've told grunkins he said he's coming . Guess he trying to get Trump's cock smell off his breathe first . Who knows ?


Not a fan.

Grunkins ruled.

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Grunkins, yes. Mark, no.


He can join but no one will talk to him because no one likes him. He’s the most annoying, stuck up phish fan I’ve ever met. Grunkins is the man and I hope he comes over


I remember I greeted him (NICUR2HI) at rose's uneef MSG one time like an old friend. Gave him the bro hug 'n shit.

He looked at me like I was an alien..... true story


What happened between the two of you specifically, if you don't mind my asking?

He’s an alright guy in my book. I’ve hung out before/after a show and he’s a good guy. He’s a tech mod for .net, so I doubt he will be posting here.

He’s always welcome to do so.

no idea why people don't fuck with nicur2hi, I just remember him being cool. :man_shrugging:

All I’ve ever heard is that he’s a shitty driver. Ha! That’s all I got.

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Well. He's a major POS in my book and it's for good reason. Mark if you're reading, fuck off you racist POS.

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I gave you guys my only really negative interaction with him, which was just kind of a little awkward really. I wasn't offended by any means. He could have been higher than me at the time, and I was lit.

I've got no real beef. I'd even say negative beef

Racist how? Jersey told me stories of Mark being a freeloading fuck who still lives with his mom and never thinks he has to pay for drinks or weed, and he seems to believe he's a lot more intimidating/impressive than he actually is, but I haven't seen anything racist from him.


I've been over too many times...it goes back to him allowing SmokeyTheBear to call my wife coon on the message board...then reactivating his account while he was mod...that is why Mark lost his mod.

He claimed that Dave aka Smokey was sorry and he apologized to him.

Well asshole, that's not how it works and fuck him.

My wife at Dicks 15 meetup was so nice and sweet to Dave and was the only person to go and talk to that weird fuck. She chatted and shared a joint with the one dude outside the circle of people standing by himself. Being the sweet woman she is...they even exchanged Instagrams.

Then one random Saturday Dave gets in an argument with TheShou in a thread I'm not even in...I was at work getting OT actually. My phone blows and Dave is on .net calling my wife an ugly coon.

But Mark called him and talked him...so that is ok.

Mark, fuck you.