Outcasty picking up steam on .net

Being talked about in Brains’ Grimes thread. Funny.

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Lol. Anyone gonna respond?



ROP is fine right where he is!

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Meh. It’s buried in a thread that tons of people won’t even look at. (No offense meant, :slight_smile:).

He does have a point about bashing on .net though. Warranted or not, it could definitely be a turnoff for some people who would otherwise fit in just fine here. My 2 cents.

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It was just a dumb line I threw in there, didn’t think it would be on the nose enough to turn anyone off, just said it was “a forum that doesn’t suck”. especially seeing that I also mentioned that some of the best people from .net of yore were on there.

I was thinking more about what people see once they get here. Like the whole welcome, if this was .net you’d be banned already by a mod with aids or whatever. But yeah, the not sucking line shouldn’t be a big deal.

I can’t imagine the “mods used a UFO to steal my RV” hour by IntoYesterday helped that much either

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Lol, word.

So glad we got rid of that asshat.

to be fair, I didn’t get rid of him, unless he broke any rules he’d still be here. he essentially left of his own accord, and I would have given him 24 hours to rethink if he wasn’t basically threatening me if I didn’t do otherwise in the DMs

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Another shout out by that chef kid

Burner king Kris and his twin Brett are more then welcome…
Not fans of either, but I’m again,willing to extend the olive branch.
I have no gripes,with anyone,on .net

I,don’t,like,a handful, but I’m always to where,I falter

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Its cute (and unbelievably predictable) that they’d get caught up on that “doesn’t suck” line.


February 2020: Geedleboo learns bad-vibe-spreader brains481 said phish.net sucks (colourized)




She probably had the same look on her face the last time she got laid.


Sucks being geeglbee in Wolfe’s clothing


Is that a statement or a question…

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So is deer creek lightning here yet? Should we start a pool or something?