Outcasty Patreon Discussion

$160 shirt? That’s Trey money.

it's like when you subscribe to a magazine and they send you like, a branded dildo or something for subscribing for a year.

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Oh you mean, something like this:


8% to the website to collect what you can on paypal for free?

Like i said in several other threads, running this operation completely by yourself is not a good business model.
Many are willing to volunteer to help you grow this site. Why don't you put together a board of members, assign them positions they can excel in and bring value to your product?

Value? Shit posting dead guys and shit posting alive guys??


Paypal have their own fees, Paypal don't have a program like this to set up monthly memberships, and there's been a few people who haven't donated due to them having had bad experiences with Paypal.

Also, PayPal is still an option; the point of the Patreon is to have a consistent income stream we can plan around.

This isn't a business.

How many times have I asked people to spread the word, only for almost no one to do it? The only people who have actively headhunted like that are me and lbag.

Psst : https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/

(Used to be any purchase made would give you a % . It was never huge for an average site but added up some)

have considered setting one of those up - will need to look into it a bit more.

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Sorry, I am just surprised that you would waste 8% of the funds to a website that can set up a reoccurring payments.

Paypal is free to friends and family
Venmo I think is free
and Zelle is also free

Personally, I want you to get 100% of my donations.

It is if you are paying out to a vendor and receiving revenue to pay. Your product is a service. With a structured flow of income may even make you tax liable unless you apply for a non profit status.

I'm not talking about spreading the word of this site on 3 other Phish sites (.net, PT and Phook). I am referring to setting up a board of members that can bring in ideas to make people want to come here for what is offered instead to lurk in the background to make funny comments on the 3 sites you are looking to poach.

Hey, several of us have all had a full year on this site and would love to see it grow and not into some .net lite where it becomes unfun and there are bans with no proper vetting because the one person in control is having a bad day.

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not from US to Ireland, even w family and friends, every donation I've ever gotten has had a bit deducted due to PayPal fees.

ntm 8% of the highest tier is only $3 (paypal's int'l fee past like $5 is 1.99 euro, or 2.40). If you're losing sleep over that.... jeez, and I'd argue that cut is well worth the use of the infrastructure they have, which is why a shit ton of people and orgs use it to raise funds on a consistent subscription basis, which you can't do with paypal, venmo etc.

If people want to pay in crypto I can work that out on my end as well.

nah, I have too, but just got a bunch of nopes

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Regardless of which platform is used to take donations, @joonze is right about the last part

it's not gonna work with you being the dictator of outcasty. Even if you take input from members when it comes to certain things, why are you so attached to being the king of Outcasty mountain? Just make it like literally every other forum ever and have multiple mods.

administrative action is meant to be discussed with a group so decisions are made for the good of the group. It happens on reddit, on facebook, on other forums, on literally everything else that's meant for discussing shit online and sharing things.

Also, what benefits even exist for anyone that donates more than 10 bucks a month? "Exclusive patron posts" what is that supposed to mean? Not saying extra benefits are totally necessary, but I don't see why anyone would donate more than 10 unless it's just to be nice

I’d be willing to chip in for a prostitute to take brains’ virginity. That’s honestly the best thing that could happen for this site.


I see you spaceman

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we're $12 away from covering our monthly costs as of writing. anything past that will used to hire a 3rd party developer to develop features well above my pay grade.

in the works.

As soon as this place gets another mod, it gets my $12

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