official dark souls thread

Because why not. Or maybe we should use the bloodborne one? Idk

I’ll start up a new play as a result of this and contribute cuz...why the hell not?

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Sweet. I am going to bed but f*ck Blighttown as an area, worst level design ever, lol

I enjoy jumping around on open rooftops but not a fan of this platforming/scaffolding bullshit

Playing a pyromancer has worked well so far though, Capra demon can suck it

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All the swamp, underground, etc type areas in the Souls games I’ve also thought my least desirable of all levels in each game, blighttown included.

Each souls game has one of this bitch fuck nightmares and they are always underground and swampy/poison filled.

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I personally can’t stand the tower of Latria probably more than any place

I've never played Demon's Souls so I wouldn't know. You're right though there's always at least one area that is a bitch and a half to complete, in DS3 for me it was the Grand Archives and DS2 is pretty much chock full of terrible levels

I really don't mind Blighttown, but I will say going around the way near New Londo, that you have to open /w the master key, is way better than going thru the sewers, it cuts out a good chunk of the work. Fuck those poison flies all day though, and those blowdart fuckers.

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totally forgot about those stupid ghosts. Luckily I have a couple transient curses to use for them. Not a fan of the "reach through walls to wreck your face" mechanic

Finally finished Blightf*ck, onto New Londo now, or maybe Valley of Drakes

edit: apparently missed a whole ton of items and the boss of Blighttown, lol whoops

My present characters I could spin through a play through with, otherwise just start anew:

DS1: 253 and 119 SL characters, unsure now what NG either are in.

DS2: 502 and 22 SL. That 502 has to be like a dozen or more NGs in.

DS3: 259 SL character, also unsure about NG but I suspect it’s around 9 or so or more.

Demons: 274 and 154 SL, probably a good 8 or more NGs in. I bet more than 10 actually.

Think I’ll take a spin on the 502 for a moment to reacquaint myself after Sekiro and a long time away.

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Looks like character 502 will get exactly 420 minutes played in 48 minutes.

8 or more NG's? That's crazy... what's your favorite boss in Ds1 and 2?

It’s honestly been so very long, I’d have to look them up to remind me and spark the memories.

I know the boss I rocked out on the most was a spider boss in I believe DS2 in a winter/icy lower cave area.

I think that’s my 502 character. I would help others there. I could dodge every beam and attack and kill the bastard on my own in like a min or min and half run with no damage. Just about every person I helped out would send me messages like WTF man??

I owned that boss.

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The Duke’s Dear Freja is the boss I’m thinking of

ah. Giant spider. I'm actually not familiar, but it looks like the attack patterns are mostly predictable. Of course people said the same thing about Pontiff Sulyvahn and that's typically one of the hardest bosses in the entire series. Took me more than 2 days of grinding that guy to finally kill him

he's the dual wielding mage bishop guy at the end of one of the castles. Has a fire sword and an energy/magic sword. Faster than Slave Knight frame for frame imo

just killed Iron Golem here, real nice view of Anor Londo, very pretty

Once you’ve gone through like 5 NGs and also then soul summoned helped folks, the bosses become kinda forgotten. You lose one from the other.

I’m sure if I turn to the list I’ll recall some super bitch ones I’ve faced. Right now my mind can only think of the final boss of Sekiro and say eat my shorts man.

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hahaha. I hear you. I'm in Anor Londo castle right now and just lost 35,000 souls to the asshole Titanite Demon. forgetting to lock on and rolling right into his attack like a moron.

literally the last thing I need is to lose 3 full levels of souls but DS has taught me patience and perseverance if nothing else