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The line between genius and evil is often very thin.

really deep bro

When he was a freshman in college, my friend Daryl's doormate was guy who went by Big Bill.

Big Bill:

• Was 23, 6'8", and had fire engine red hair.

• Spent most of his free time and money at strip clubs. Otherwise he would not speak to women.

• Had a four foot stuffed bunny on his bed he referred to as Mr. Bun. Daryl made the mistake of touching Mr. Bun and Big Bill sobbed for two and a half hours. Daryl timed it.

• Had a dresser with three drawers in it. The top drawer had nothing but chopsticks and red Solo cups in it, the middle has socks and underwear, and the third had exactly 27 copies of the Unibomber's Manifesto, all printed out and stapled together over the course of three nights. Big Bill's major was biology. When asked why 27 copies, he scoffed that it was because that was the number of books in the New Testament, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

I sometimes wonder what happened to that cat.


Pretty sure he changed his name to "Mr. Miller" and died of a combination of heroin and syphilis.


ez flagged all my posts, complaining that they "promote terrorism" :laughing:

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Alright, fucking great job, @brains481!

We're all on yet another terrorist watch list now, you numbskull debilitated brain donor, limiting our mobility.

WHY do you give this shithead money?

You're paying him to restrict your liberties. Fking stop it!


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I dressed up as that sketch for a big Halloween party right when everything was going down in the mid-'90s (I was 20/21), right down to the shades and 'stache. I had the wavy/curly hair, too. Muttered to myself much of the evening, told people things like "See that Jack-o-lantern? I carved it, real special, just for so-and-so. Let them know they need to go up and take a closer look wink-wink".

It was tons of fun.

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I don't get it.