Marvel Secret Wars

Pretty cool.

Have to wait a few years but it will be pretty cool.

But I was always a comic book nerd..haven't been keeping up with the movies because I was never really into those characters. I did read a lot of punisher but not real as many of the others.

I read a lot spiderman but he wasn't one of my favorites. Kind of lost track of him over the years.

I did see the sam rami ones though and they were cool

X-Men ( wolverine specificly) was always my #1.

Secret wars was a very cool story and if you haven't read it see if your library does.


i honestly just don't care anymore about any of this superhero stuff, there's just too fucking much of it for me to care. there have been a few really great bright spots, like the first guardians of the galaxy movie and into the spiderverse, but most of them just blend together for me into a neverending content sludge, especially now that there's like 10 concurrent TV shows to go with the movies. also the "well THAT just happened" humor makes me want to throttle someone.

The Garth Ennis runs of The Punisher were top notch.

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I was big into comics from around 4th to 8th grade, then had a resurgence after high school into my early 20s with graphic novels.

I was right there for it from Iron Man through Endgame, but now the MCU is doing what drove me away from comics in the first place. Overbloat and a demand that you have a textbook knowledge of the lore to get what's at stake, and a demand that you put investment in characters and planets and timeliness and dimensions that the creators never bothered to flesh out and make sympathetic.


Never got into comics that much as a kid. But yeah, the Iron Man > Endgame storyline was really easy to follow; I feel like it's getting more and more difficult to keep up. So far I'm still in it though.