King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

If you can make it through this you're stronger than me...

2 new albums out Nov. 20:


I ordered. Looking forward to them for sure

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I'm definitely gonna order that live one

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Website has a bunch of shirts in stock rn too. Finally got my fishie shirt that's only been available in S forever.

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new album is pretty shit tbh. honestly other than a few songs here and there they haven't put out anything great since the 2017 batch.

Lol, you're a jaded hipster who hates all his favorite bands.

Haven't listened to the new shit yet but if you don't recognize the brilliance of Fishing For Fishies (2019) I don't even know what to say.

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I thought it was ok, but nothing great. :man_shrugging: couple of cool songs but that's it. last really great front to back record they did was sketches of brunswick east

But have you listened to it...ON WEED?

I dig em, they kind of remind me of these guys.

But seriously, that's what they want you to think. Do yourself a favor. Find a time with no distractions, drop a dose or 5 and really listen to that shit. It's a motherfucking masterpiece.

Ok, on first listen the new one isn't my favorite of theirs. Some tunes sound a little derivative of their older stuff, but there is a lot I like too. Pretty far from shit, I'd say. Also I gotta give it a close listen with no distractions before I finalize my opinion.

Jaded hipster :rage:

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Just got this email:

We just found a palette of lost tour stock and it’s being sent to wherever our GIZZVERSE USA warehouse is!

We’ll have re-ups of:

I’m In Your Mind Fuzz (Castle Face - Magentan Invasion)
Nonagon Infinity (ATO - Green w- Black Splatter)
Quarters! (Castle Face - Half Berry, Half Blender)
Sketches of Brunswick East (ATO - Black 180 Gram)

Stock will go live FRIDAY 11 DEC 1:00pm PST and 4:00pm EST

Oh yeah, they dropped another new track, too:

New GIZZ track β€œIf Not Now, Then When?” is out now!

Videoclip made by the one and only Dr D. Foothead who had his face ripped off by a bear.

β€œThe song made me consider how individual action or inaction affects the world," Dr. D Foothead says of the video. "What happens when our repressed pain, darkness and confusion manifest and influence our surroundings and relationships? I wanted to explore the journey of a character who has neglected their inner shadow, and how this energy manifests physically and becomes a force of its own."

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2/26/21 Melbourne, Australia. Just dropped today.

I mean... I hope it's good.

Tom And Jerry Smile GIF

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