I am no longer an Outcasty mod

I'm still an "admin" because I still need access to the backend, as I'm still behind the site's technical end, but I am no longer an Outcasty moderator from today. This is mostly a formality because LW has been the main mod for a while, but I may as well make it official.

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even thought this means nothing, i will continue to post randomly.

what would really work is an open apology to everyone that you mocked, booted or just were a dick too....

if you started a thread that said you were power happy and it controlled your thoughts while being in lock down, you may have a good chance at making things solid.
I really want to see you succeed and this site was a great start... you just got some bad advice from someone that didnt really care at the time they told you to start booting people.

your first move would be to get smokey turbo and disco balls back....the rest will follow and return.

or ignore what i have told you in the past year and see this place stay stagnant to the point it is like 3 peolpe here

lol fuck off. only posted this because I've pretty much transitioned into a purely technical role, and I was going through some of the admin settings and saw I was still listed as a mod, which I'm really not, so I switched the setting off. That would remove the shield icon from my username (and I thought it would remove the red font, but it didn't) so I thought I'd explain it.

I don't owe an apology to anyone; anyone I do feel I've gone too far with (and I have, will totally admit I've been super immature if not hurtful at times to a few people who didn't really deserve that level of shit thrown at them) I've apologized to either privately or openly, and no, the guy who sent a pic of his std-ridden micropenis to me and the guy who thinks screaming the n word at others is ok aren't coming back, and you thinking they should says a lot. There's like 5 sites on the non-dark web that allow that shit, and look, if you wanna go to Stormfront or whatever, go for it, but I don't plan on joining those 5.

those who left did so because either

a) the site's degeneration into endless political nonsense, which this site was never built for, which was largely driven by .net foisting the alt-right freaks they kicked out onto us by including us in our ban emails, as well as me admittedly, but I've stepped away from posting about political stuff pretty much entirely.


b) the site was downed for nearly a month. the internet is built on habit, and breaking that habit for even a few days can be pretty devastating for a site. the fact that we even have a little bit of activity after that long of a hiatus is pretty nuts for a little site like ours.

whether or not all the former users come back, I don't really care. Outcasty is fully funded via Patreon, and even if it has to be a low key thing for a bit, it'll find it's audience, whether that the old heads or something else entirely. Honestly I'd prefer the latter, because what makes the site great is the tech behind it more than anything and how well it facilitates discussion, and I'd love to see what new people can find some utility in it.

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oh, and nothing turns off new users like endless metaposting about the site itself. go make a thread about this video of a monkey pissing in it's own mouth if you want to make outcasty great again or whatever.

i see them flocking

again, i dont even see the mod post daily...you sound like chump and chef b splaining their way out of being an asshole.

i give you free advice every day, but you trust someone more because they have a law degree....
I love Tom and knew him since 2010 and know he is just as demented as me... but i will say, he gave you bad advice and you killed your own site over it


i knew it


The site isn’t dead, so how was it killed?

Anyway, I never took Tom’s advice, I did say once that he advised me to just remove all the alt-right people because they’re killing the board, and I didn’t. The only people banned are those you cited above, and even then it was for shit that would get them kicked off of nearly any site. There are still plenty of right wingers, yourself included, still here. The fact that you’re even able to post here is living proof that I didn’t take his advice in the end.

Honestly, I’m just really done with the talk about now the site is dead, which has been going on for a year now, well before we hit our peak user activity. It’s just really tedious. There’s a whole site still here, and if the old timers don’t take it back up, we’ll just have to be a bit of a cult thing for a while until we find a new audience and I’m totally cool with that.

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TBH I'm not interested in moving backwards. I didn't take this job to hold the hands of a bunch of shot out fucktards crying about the injustice of a major multinational corporation changing the name on their artificially maple flavored high fructose corn syrup. What we have now is more attractive to me than that.

To be clear though, there are some folks I miss around here, but if they're not interested in it that's their choice. If they want to be here that'd be great, but I'm not going to beg people to hang out with me. I'm totally fine with starting from scratch and seeing what happens, too.

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Was wearing my Outcatsy shirt Hershey n1


king shit


Oh shit I missed that. Would have been cool to see you in the wild.
And fuck you Brains. You are 100% the reason why I'm not here more often.


I don't really post here very much so I must be pretty affecting, so thanks. Either that or you're just a brittle spirit idk


Lying piece of rotted potato

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the amount of real estate I have in these lads heads lol

literally nothing stopping ye from using this well built forum to discuss actually interesting stuff, but instead it’s being used to discuss me. Very flattering, and very telling as to how little you have going for you, but not exactly the purpose of the site.

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