are not that bad! A lot of talk about them recently, a lot of it weirdly defensive and annoying, which to be fair is how I'd categorize a lot of the Phish fanbase.

From a sampling of their studio stuff, they're a pretty talented and tasteful group, if a little safe sometimes. Compared to most other jambands, they're geniuses, but only because 99% of the music tagged with that label is hot fucking garbage. Interested to see where they go from here, and I can easily see why some people really dig them.


Yeah, they seem like a good time, but I've tried listening to shows a few times and it just doesn't grab me so far, y'know? I'll probably hit a show at some point just to say I tried.

But yeah, I don't actively hate them like I do Twiddle...

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Had a chance to see them in Philly a few months ago but passed on it. Kind of regret that but not that much. Have only heard like one or two songs , they were ok. Probably should ha e went but oh. Well

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This is pretty cool though:

Haven’t listened to the Trey show yet. Honestly I like that they’ve mostly shied away from the whole jam band/next Phish thing; Phish did the same thing with the Dead comparisons and it was one of the best decisions they ever made. Alive And Well is a pretty solid live primer btw.

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Ok, I listened to that whole album & it's starting to grow on me.

I think my resistance to it has a lot to do with my current headspace. A lot of it sounds kinda blindly cheerful to my ear, if that makes sense, and that's just not where I'm at these days.

Yeah, I admittedly had a bit of a resistance to them mainly because of the Phish and Jam Band association, so much of the bands in that "scene" are fucking godawful, so I was super surprised by how good they are.

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I'm actually digging this a lot. Getting a kind of...not sure, maybe 80's Peter Gabriel?...vibe from a lot of the tunes.