The ToS will likely answer most of your questions, but here's some more answers if you're looking for them.

Who's behind this site?

@brains481, who is writing this in the third person like the tool he is.

Who funds the site?

You! Unless you're a cheapskate.

We're committed to making the site as democratic as possible, so this site is entirely user funded and ad-free, which helps us remain independent. We are primarily funded via our Patreon.

If I notice a bug, have a problem with another user(s) or injure myself while attempting to suck my own dick, who can I contact?

There is a dedicated thread for technical issues. For everything else, contact our moderator @ListeningWind.

Is there gas in the car?

Yes, there's gas in the car.

Can I swear?


Can I post about my ravenous sexual desire for fisting people who dress up as anthropomorphic animal characters, complete with photos?

Sure, as long as it's legal. If it's sexually explicit, please use the Censor tool (located under the gear icon dropdown menu in the toolbar when creating a post) to blur the photo. If you're posting it in a thread under the #nsfw category, you can just post it without censoring it.

Can I refuse to accept that I don't have a real argument and just start spewing racist/homophobic/transphobic et. al. gobbledigook?


We welcome spirited and even heated discussions, whether they be political, religious etc. However, there's a difference between heated debate and childish, hateful bigotry and the latter is not welcome here. We get that the line between the two can be blurred for some, but draw the line at someone just being a racist cunt for the sake of it.