August Phish

Is the best Phish. I like outdoor shows over indoors so I'd take August over December.

I don't think any other month comes close.

This year is once again proving it to be the case. July was decent and had its moments but so far August is dropping my jaw and I'm only up to the Tweezer on 08/06.


Does July 31 count? Seen some good ones on that date.


Absolutely. Just like 11/30 is part of both Dec 94 and Dec 95. That being said, 11/30 is part of Nov 97, so I'm incosistent at best.


11/30 is another auspicious date for Phish...


Always prefer outdoor phish to indoor phish.

Was at the Mann and had a ton of fun both nights. Some 9f the other setlists look pretty cool but sometimes I'm like " glad I wasn't there"

Historically I've had some fun August shows but other then the Clifford ball I cant think of any 9df hand that stick out.

June phish has always been the best time for me. They aren't always the best shows but I e had the best time at.

My faverorite show was 8n December.


Philadelphia, PA

SET 1: Chalk Dust Torture > Harry Hood > Wilson > Maze > Ha Ha Ha > Suspicious Minds > Hold Your Head Up > Cars Trucks Buses, Bouncing Around the Room, Free > Possum[1]

SET 2: Tweezer Reprise > Runaway Jim > It's Ice > Bathtub Gin -> Rotation Jam -> Mallory[2] > Also Sprach Zarathustra > David Bowie, Sweet Adeline

ENCORE: Good Times Bad Times -> Tweezer Reprise

[1] Oom Pa Pa, Simpsons and All Fall Down signals.
[2] Debut.

Trey teased Lazy (Deep Purple) in Chalk Dust. Possum included Oom Pa Pa, Simpsons and All Fall Down signals and a Voodoo Child tease from Trey. Trey mentioned that he saw his first concert (Jethro Tull) in this very venue. Mallory debuted at this show.

That show is so completely unhinged, love it.

I'm glad you made the Mann shows. The set with Tweezer everywhere is a blast to listen to. and that Melt was terrifying and awesome.

I didn't end up seeing any this summer. Wedding planning and a late July family reunion/vacation didn't leave room for Phishing, and that's OK. They are kicking ass and I'm loving what I'm hearing.

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Congratulations @bowlinfingers ,
My anniversary is September 30th and I've had fun the entire time. Almost the entire time.

That is when you will know ( maybe / hopefully) you have already had this point, but after your first big, real stresser, once you make it past that point, you're good.

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That was when sparkle was.the only song you didn't want to hear, if they didn't play that I had a good show.

Thanks man!! It’s my second time around … learned a lot about myself and what I deserve from the first one (which went 15 years). I’m not entering into this one lightly, no more ‘compromises’ or ‘sacrifice’ or any of that shit. She has gotten my pure, genuine self from the start so I don’t have to play games or anything, and vice versa.

She and I have been thru the ringer … my son attempted suicide early in our relationship (he’s healed and stronger than ever now), COVID & mad work pressure for both of us … and thru it all we have remained supportive of each other without losing sight of who we are as individuals.


I also prefer outdoor shows these days (claustrophobia & anxiety), but the best shows I've attended (exceptions being 10.15.1994 (Oak Mtn. Amphitheater) and 07.29.2022 (Walnut Creek)) have all been indoors:

To be fair, the worst show I've ever attended was indoors as well.

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July 29 (2022) count as August?
I hadn't been to a show since 2011, and they blew my mind that night. Took the wife and kids (their first show —first concert, in fact)*. I can't believe how far Chris has come with the lights. They've always been spectacular ("how do the lights know?"), but he's entered the realm of wizardry in 2022. Cool poster, too.

*Winning at parenting.



More august goodness

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Backwards down the number line we go

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