A thread for ridiculously talking shit to each other about nothing

I don't think it's an overstatement to say @The_Shou is straight up the stupidest person I've ever interacted with online.


To be fair, he also recommended we invest in cryptocurrencies that aren’t worth a used jizz napkin now, so I'm still on the “he’s a dingus” side.

I see that I continue rent space in your sociopathic head.

1.) I never told people to invest in crypto. I probably said I randomly bought 2 bitcoins in 2013 for $135 each. They are most likely worth a little more than a “jizz napkin” right now. I don’t own any other crypto and I don’t pay attention to it. However, I bet you would love to be in a financial position to not give a flying fuck about $90k.

2.) I would suggest you refrain from continually chirping me. (I get email notifications) Several people on this website can attest that I am not a wispy over the hill wook that couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag. I’m not opposed to watching this website to see if you are planning a trip to see a show here. This way I can check that chin and make you cry like a bitch.

Trust me on this, I’m not fucking around.

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Hey Dan. Long time no see. How's it going?




There is nothing worse than a fraud and a bully.

I hope your universal healthcare extends to the US, because you will need it.

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Yeah, I'm in a pissy fucking mood this morning so this is going in here now. I can't deal with watching 2 friends do this in the supreme fucking bullshit court thread.

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People need to talk face to face more often.

It’ll never happen because brains doesn’t come to the U.S. for shows.

I don’t advocate for violence, but I do know Dan personally, we’ve done shows and are pals so I will always have his back.

@brains if he says stop chirping him just stop chirping him. Why perpetuate the nonsense?


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Oh nevermind.

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